The Life

‘One life. Goofy life.’ has a history to be told. Inspired by the Wodehouse wave, this style of story telling was conceived after multiple iterations in the teenage years of the early 90s through the has-been invention called telephone. It had begun as ‘Through the Lives of Goofs’ and it was a story told of many people and many thoughts and many lives and it currently resides in a dark and musty bookshelf in a locked house awaiting its glory years. It is dying to talk about those good ol’ days and I shall keep hoping to see the manuscript published. I am of the one of the people who was responsible for the birth of ‘Through the Lives of Goofs…’.

Once the jolly group split ages ago, I decided to keep the spirit alive by beginning a blog and dedicating it to the said group. That is why this weblog will contain many stories of many people’s lives just like its predecessor. Even though most of the posts are self claimed by using first person, I would ask you to divorce the notion that I am autobiographing. If they are words heard in passing or stationary and not out in print, I twist them and use them here. Each post has facts as well as fiction and I no longer remember the truth from the tale. I have also skewed my memory appropriately for the want of better writing.

The opinions in this blog may be mine, my family’s, my friends’, my employer’s or any other random person. They are hyperboled beyond differentiation. The opinions in the blog are only meant as means to provoke many dormant thoughts and not intended to abuse, insult or hurt any person living or dead. They intend to point out how commonly and normal and ordinary one is. They try to voice the opinions of the majority of the people. Most times you would find yourself agreeing to what I say. Other times, you would empathise with me. It would be difficult not to understand me at all because I might have used your ideas as well.

I employ sarcasm heavily and plead my readers to constantly read between the lines and never take any sentence for its face value. If you don’t understand some sentences despite reading volumes between the lines it is probably because they are encrypted and placed in random for the secret service agency I work for. Feel free to ignore those. I also value proof reading heavily. If you ever notice this etiquette missing in this blog, please bring it to my notice immediately, so that I can silence you Grammar Nazis before you infect the others.

In Matthew 10:8, when Jesus said “Freely, freely you have received, freely, freely give” he was talking exclusively about this blog. That attributes the CC license in the footer. Take your share from here too, it’s probably yours to begin with. Just make sure “others know that I lived.”

Say what?

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