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From Downright Dirty to Casual Clean in 15 minutes or so

You have surprise guests dropping by in an hours’ time on a mad mid-weekday and your house is anything but presentable. However messy your house is, it is possible to fix it in a short span of time, say fifteen to twenty minutes. Or at least partly. All depending on the intensity of the messed life one leads.

1. From the floor to the storage cupboards

The first thing to be settled is the floor. Surprisingly the first thing you notice in a house is the floor. So as soon as the floor is steered clear of big and small items; it has the appearance of Zen and you are ready to begin your task.

2. Make the beds

Let the beds be made, cushions be arranged and furniture be straightened. This helps in giving the impression of order. A sense of alignment.

3. Get rid of that nasty smell

There can be mostly one reason for a stench in the house: Food. Get that garbage out before you need to give it off to the nearest animal lab! And a light room freshener would be helpful after you’ve left the doors and windows open long enough to aerate the house off the stench.

TIP: If despite the trash in its place, the smell seems to not go off, check your laundry and your toilets for any odd smells.

4. Everything in its place…

…Or everything within the limits of the vision in its place. Those piled up clothes, books, magazines, toys, used plates all have to out of the line of vision and placed in its place. Clothes either folded or hung in the wardrobes. Books and magazine stacked neatly in the shelves. You get the drift. And if you find yourself running out of time, dump them into a box and push it under your bed or into a corner or under rugs. As long as it is not in the way.

5. Sweep. Wipe. Mop. Vacuum. Dust

Finally run your weapon – broom, mop, duster, vacuum cleaner or all – around the house. Don’t dabble too long at one spot now. Just a quick run through the entire house would be enough.

After you settle down, take a look around and fix any stray items. Pat yourself for the good job. Smear a lazy smile on your face. Now we don’t want your guests to know how messed your house is.

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10 ways to keep your house mess-free!

“My idea of a superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors.”

~ Bette Midler

Rule #1: All cobwebs have to go!
You should learn to scream a big NO to dust! Dust can hide anywhere. Obvious places are under the bed, on side tables, paintings, fans, window sills, carpets, books. Not so obvious places are curtain holders, above the door and door panels, plastic flowers, tube lights, fish bowls and stuffed toys! You know you’ve left a region too long without dusting when you find cobwebs there. Ooh…

Rule #2: Ignore the bath and you are so dead.
Two things that are ignored in the bath: Walls and the chrome. When you scrub your bath floors, do you take a look at the walls behind the WC? Behind the basin? Taps of your shower? Next time, look out for them. Also polish the bath chrome. Even around the house. The door knobs specially will make your house look sparkling!

Rule #3: You mess, you clean up. Pronto!
This is usually easier said than done for most people unless they have someone else cleaning their houses. The antidote for this is fire your help! Do the cleaning, scrubbing, tidying up yourself! You’ll think twice before dirtying.

Rule #4: Spring cleaning is not for the Spring.
When I rule the world, every citizen of the world will find spring every week. Till then we can settle for one at least every season change. This could be a good workout session and you’d probably even feel closer to home.

Rule #5: Wires are hideous.
If you have way too many gadgets and most of them eat from your electric sockets, get a spike buster. And those wires have to be rolled and tied up with rubber bands or plastic fasteners if they are too long. If there is anything that attracts dust and dirt, it’s these tangled up wires.

Rule #6: Every type of dirt is in its own league…
…So every kind of cleaning requires a different tool to be cleaned with. Be it wiping, dusting, scrubbing or polishing. And no way hozay! Your old dirty t-shirt won’t do for all of them: windows, mirrors, floors, kitchen counter, flowers vases, computer. Be specific with your cleaning. You usually get to pick the different cleaning tools for every item in the store you buy them itself.

Rule #7: Let everything in your house be shaped round.
And if this can’t be done, special attention to those freaky corners!

Rule #8: Compartmentalise and compartmentalise cheap.
Don’t throw away shoe boxes and glass bottles. Shoe boxes can hold books as well as your toiletries and glass bottles or jars can can hold your spices. Have a place for everything in your cupboard, drawers, closet and shelf. My sister goes to extent of even labeling things around and no, it’s not weird. I personally know many who do that. Those piling newspapers, bills, mails and magazines can go somewhere too. Get a magazine stand not tuck them under a rug.

Rule #9: Newspapers are heaven send.
Chuck the rotten t-shirt that you’ve been using for ages now. Sometimes use these newspapers. They are better friends than your favorite teen t-shirt. Especially for your windows and mirrors.

Rule #10: Please get rid of the garbage in time.
Ideally, clear your garbage after dinner if you have thrown wet garbage. Wash the bin with phenyl now and then so that your bin is not the reason for the stench in your kitchen. Oh, by the way, this goes for the dishes too. They have to be done before bedtime if you don’t want those roaches to pest you!

All said and done, an occasional messing of the house is permitted. However, don’t let the sun set on it.


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