From Downright Dirty to Casual Clean in 15 minutes or so

You have surprise guests dropping by in an hours’ time on a mad mid-weekday and your house is anything but presentable. However messy your house is, it is possible to fix it in a short span of time, say fifteen to twenty minutes. Or at least partly. All depending on the intensity of the messed life one leads.

1. From the floor to the storage cupboards

The first thing to be settled is the floor. Surprisingly the first thing you notice in a house is the floor. So as soon as the floor is steered clear of big and small items; it has the appearance of Zen and you are ready to begin your task.

2. Make the beds

Let the beds be made, cushions be arranged and furniture be straightened. This helps in giving the impression of order. A sense of alignment.

3. Get rid of that nasty smell

There can be mostly one reason for a stench in the house: Food. Get that garbage out before you need to give it off to the nearest animal lab! And a light room freshener would be helpful after you’ve left the doors and windows open long enough to aerate the house off the stench.

TIP: If despite the trash in its place, the smell seems to not go off, check your laundry and your toilets for any odd smells.

4. Everything in its place…

…Or everything within the limits of the vision in its place. Those piled up clothes, books, magazines, toys, used plates all have to out of the line of vision and placed in its place. Clothes either folded or hung in the wardrobes. Books and magazine stacked neatly in the shelves. You get the drift. And if you find yourself running out of time, dump them into a box and push it under your bed or into a corner or under rugs. As long as it is not in the way.

5. Sweep. Wipe. Mop. Vacuum. Dust

Finally run your weapon – broom, mop, duster, vacuum cleaner or all – around the house. Don’t dabble too long at one spot now. Just a quick run through the entire house would be enough.

After you settle down, take a look around and fix any stray items. Pat yourself for the good job. Smear a lazy smile on your face. Now we don’t want your guests to know how messed your house is.

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